Monday, May 21, 2007

Family borne nightmares

In a semi-conscious state that seemed like a bit more than a dream I awoke and realized that I could see through the walls of my apartment. My then brother-in-law was making mischief. He was selling a bottle of liquor. Unknown to him this turned out to be a bad decision.

The undercover agent smiled as she turned and squawked into a radio. My brother-in-law came back into the apartment saying I think we are going to be hit. I awoke in my bed realizing that I needed to get my id so these guys wouldn't think that I was part of this stupid event.

The officers entered the room. My brother-in-law presented with this opportunity said nothing. I indicated that I had no knowledge of any such transactions and in fact that I had just woke up. I then pulled out my American Express and other credit cards to show that I was a card carrying "good guy".

It seems that the incident of having to let one of us go was upsetting to the female officer. She gleefully stated, "You know what happens to a bike left unwatched...? They are never seen again when left on the street for long." An image of the bike in question came to mind. It was more a hybrid motor/bicycle than anything with an extremely thick tubular frame.

I remembered that the brother-in-law who was by now being put into the back of a squad car held the only key. Fortunately the brother-in-law realized leaving me out of jail was a good way to make bail and save the bike.

I raced next door after the departing officers cleared the doorway to see if my brother-in-law had a spare key. I was thinking that the female officer was right when she had added "...I don't think that flimsy lock is going to stop anyone from getting that bike".

No key! -- I thought that even if the crooks didn't take the bike the city would love to give multiple alternate side of the street tickets. The cost of this screw up was growing. My erstwhile brother-in-law was starting to be a pain in the extremities.

My sister arrived next door and we began to look for the spare key so that we could save the bike. Funny until I finished this story I hadn't thought once about bailing out brother-in-law. I felt pressed upon by the entire affair.

I wakened once again and thought this sucks... now I am dreaming about the nonsense.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I just dreamt of a large boa constrictor that could move seamlessly through walls. I also noticed an armadillo. There appeared a diamond headed creature that walked on all fours which looked like a being between an alligator and a Komodo dragon (definitely reptilian and when I reviewed this picture I would say a fairly accurate representation). The picture is just missing the darker diamond speckled skin and a rounder, humanized, intelligent head.

The interesting thing is that I noticed at least one person in this dream who I know is not among the living. The other person was an old friend who I haven't heard from in a long while. Another point of interest was that all of these creatures did not behave as if they were mindless animals.

I was at one point riding my motorcycle and at another attempting to carry a large item through the backyard to search for the boa constrictor which was purported to be in the backyard and then on the roof. I indicated "what kind of house is this?". That was when I first saw the boa come through the walls and realized - "I'm going to need a bigger stick".

In fact the whole scene was as real as my everyday existence. I could not understand how these creature could move through our dimension. Nonetheless, here they were - I realized that I was about to panic. I looked up again and could swear that I saw the tail of the boa once again slipping between walls.

That was it. I had to get up and walk around. The idea of super intelligent beings had me thinking of the word "animalistic". I recognized this term from a movie called "Mortal Kombat" (link). Before long I found myself wanting to record these facts; sitting before this keyboard and thinking where have I just been?

Analysis? I think not - sometimes dreams just have to stand on their own (in my humble opinion). Notwithstanding that I can't look at other creatures in a similar way without wondering what do they think of us - Masters of their universe?

I have found that this thought gives one pause.

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