Saturday, March 5, 2011

Interstitial Hyper-connected Drives

Sometimes I dream of a single word or phrase. Tonight it was the above titled concept. I've decided to track down these ideas insofar as I may at times have no clue of their origin.

In this case, I've had to figure out interstitial, hyper-connected drives. In such cases I am a fan of wikipedia. I think I look to at wikipedia more as a representation of collective human knowledge than accuracy.

I use cross referencing to then build confidence in my understanding. One hopes that all definitions do not necessarily lead back Wikipedia (ala, "All roads lead to Rome") otherwise we end up with circular references in which nothing means anything (or everything means all things). A quick scan of the Internet shows the following:

Interstitial: referring to the space between cells, atoms or molecules, or soil particles. Interstitial cells are those cells that exist in the connective tissues between other tissues and structures. of or relating to interstices, in web parlance - A webpage, usually carrying advertising, displayed before a content page; An interstitial discontinuity in a crystal; of, relating to, or situated in an interstice

Hyper-connectivity: Hyperconnectivity is a term invented by Canadian social scientists Anabel Quan-Haase and Barry Wellman, arising from their studies of person-to-person and person-to-machine communication in networked organizations and networked societies.[1] The term refers to the use of multiple means of communication, such as email, instant messaging, telephone, face-to-face contact and Web 2.0 information services.[2]

Being curious, I've checked and noted for the record, Hyperdrive is a name given to certain methods of traveling faster-than-light (FTL) in science fiction. Related concepts are jump drive and warp drive.

For completeness I've followed through on the final term.
Drive: the act of applying force to propel something;

To be fair, I am always amazed at the insights that come from a restful mind. Tracking down nascent thoughts is more a specialty rather than a science. Depending on one's predilection, research results will vary.

Friday, March 4, 2011


A recent dream found me recognizing the wonder of one's bond. Words have meaning. As I stalked the dreamscape I discovered new meaning for this plane of existence. Applying the lessons are the next challenge.

In a field on a day, in a place unknown, with chaotic disarray I found myself penniless. To one did I turn, who bespoke another, all three of us journeyed in search of cover. The chaos ran round and as I surveyed the town, torn asunder, athwart with silent chaos.

I spoke with my savior, or at least one who had the power to save me from this plight. She asked me for a guarantee and I held out the only thing I had. My word.

And then, I, awake from my dream, considered the importance of that thing given. The power of one's word and the ability to influence change. And thus, I learned another valuable lesson from stalking the dreamscape, which I happily share with you.

God helps those who help ...

Just contemplated this on another plane of existence. We call it dreaming. In that reality I recognized that what we are searching for is the cause. The Why of it all.

A silent thunderbolt appeared as I recognized that God helps those who help others. It is then that I realized how wrong and easily confused we are. To have misinterpreted such an idea as God helps those who help themselves.

In truth one who helps themselves seek no other. While those who help others inevitably help themselves. For this is the cause of which Man has been searching.

Welcome to Zweble

Contained within this site are what will seem to the reader to be a series of short stories. Such a description would be dead wrong. For the most part these are my travels into the dream scape where some believe that we exist in other realities (our spiritual presence seemingly cannot be argued since we awaken with a vision of the environment).

Many of us have constant, deep and richly filled dreams. The sad thing is that most of these experiences go undocumented. This blog attempts to close the loophole of lost dreams.

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