Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I dreamed the meaning of life, the universe and everything and it wasn't 42

This morning I dreamed about the meaning of our existence. The dream itself was unimportant. Its conclusion was that humanity exists for only a single reason. We exist to serve creation. The quintessential element of humanity is our ability to be creative and imagine. We therefore exist in this world to use that creativity and imagination to dream of the next world.

It's as simple as that.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caveats to blog management: What works well and what can be improved

Hi all,

Just a quick follow up to my previous post on blog management. I note the following items regarding this new blog method:

  • Embedded pictures (those images attached, pasted or dragged into your e-mail) do not display in the blog properly
  • The subject becomes the topic header of the blog post
  • The text of the blog editor on blogger shows large typeface however the blog posts according to the style of the blog
  • This new technology makes it easy to multiply mistakes (one e-mail message can appear on multiple sites quickly)
  • Inconsistent formatting of text occurs around pictures
  • E-mail messages sent to the Blogger can be set for either draft mode or instant publishing

Well until next time, stay healthy.

Blog Management: How to do it.

Hi all,

Well I’ve just discovered a new tool in my effort to stay current with my blogs. I am a user of the Google Blogspot web service (based at blogger.com). I recently opened my Dashboard to begin a new posting and noted that each site has an email icon next to a mobile phone icon.

It appears that one can now create a secret email address that will allow one to send an email which results in a blog posting. Tada! End of problems regarding how to find time to stay current with blogging. An interesting note is that one can probably send one email to multiple recipients (blog sites) and see multiple posts. Double Tada!!

Well light bulb just went off in my head. Everyone has time for an email. Everyone does. Since many folks no longer write letters this new technology allows folks to get a grip on their many blogs (sometimes simultaneously). Well this first post of the new blogging error is within the context of how to use the new technology.


  1. Login to blogger and view your dashboard
  2. For each blog site click the email icon and add a secret word to create a unique email address
  3. On your phone / email program – create a new contact (I use @blog-name for my contacts so they are easy to find)
  4. For each contact set up the secret email address you created in step 2
  5. Create a message and send it to the contacts you have configured
The dashboard area should appear like this...

Feedbacks, comments, critiques are all welcome.

Be well and happy blogging.
Tom C. 阿明

Friday, April 10, 2009


A man, nicely dressed, picks up a box of ice cream. The box has a handle, its squarish and has pink and white stripes. Through the door the man can see three younger men. They do not enter the store.

One of the young men outside the door mumbles something "...go in there and... I will hook you up later...." A few seconds later in come two much younger kids, they run up to the man with the ice cream. "Please...please...please..." the smaller kids grab onto the pants leg of the man. He desparately realizes the trap and tries to free himself.

He is held fast and thinks "time to make a break for it." These kids aren't even listening so with a mighty lunge he throws one kid off his leg and makes a dash for the door. As he heads out, the trap closes and the three young men at the door move in, all that he can see is them reaching into their pockets.

The man wonders why he isn't armed in such a dangerous world. He tries to dodge past the incoming sounds of bullets. I awaken with the feelings of being shot in the left arm and torso. I feel as though a part of me has died. I recognize that although a dream my mind has made manifest that somewhere this has happened and I ponder the veracity of the theory on the multiverse.

Perhaps what we see is not all that exists in this Universe of ours. For sight is limited to the near horizon but what lies beyond is still a mystery. The undiscovered country if you will. Are dreams simply dreams or are these simply the doorways to other realms. One might ask from what energy are dreams composed and how are they communicated?

Welcome to Zweble

Contained within this site are what will seem to the reader to be a series of short stories. Such a description would be dead wrong. For the most part these are my travels into the dream scape where some believe that we exist in other realities (our spiritual presence seemingly cannot be argued since we awaken with a vision of the environment).

Many of us have constant, deep and richly filled dreams. The sad thing is that most of these experiences go undocumented. This blog attempts to close the loophole of lost dreams.

In addition to dreams we sometimes explore the fantastic and improbable stark reality of our waking world. Topics appear on this blog that only our imaginations can dream up. If you would like to be able to post your dreams, please send an email to tcarternyc(at)hotmail(dot)com.