Tuesday, July 8, 2008

African Snakes

I dreamed of living in Africa. My wife and I had traveled to Africa in this dream. We had gone through an African marriage ceremony.

My wife was sorting some herbs, I noticed people going about their business. The priest was walking by as well. Although he was not dressed in his official robes.

I noticed that my wife was separating a short dark green bed of leaves. For some reason I thought isn't that tat (a local carcinogen)? She explained it is the only medicinal herb around here.

A picture of a snake made itself present. Not a real looking snake but a fake looking one. It's eyes were very large, emerald colored and elongated. The thought that came to mind is when you see these the best thing to do is jump and get out of the way. Jump and get out of their way.

They don't normally attack but just give them their distance and get out of their way.

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