Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dreaming the impossible dream

This morning I dreamt that the Earth when seen from afar casts a shadow-like aura. Our sun as a pinpoint of light creates this illusion. I dreamt of a newly formed medium-orange sun being formed between human hands. In my dream-scape I recognized that the lights in our sky might as well represent all those humans who ever were (so great are they in their numbers).

My dream conceived this impossible idea, could humanity be the key to those dots in the sky? Are we capable of shaping the stars out of our own essence? I awoke with an incomprehensible understanding of the unknown mysteries of our universe. No matter how unrecognized the beings, dimensions, and substances in our environment we are all connected.

Understanding this link becomes the next question, who knows, perhaps I or someone reading this will dream that impossible dream.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Associative Properties of MBS


I am back at it after taking some time off for vacation and introspection. Continually seeking the inner truth of our existence. This morning I was dreaming about the interdependent properties of the human mind, body and spirit.

I dreamed that these properties are not only interrelated as many supposed is the truth but that they are also associative. In mathematical terms this would mean:

Mind = Body + Spirit
Body = Mind + Spirit
Spirit = Mind + Body

I dreamed that every individual reaction of our mind, body and spirit are reflected in aspects of our being by way of reflection in the other components of our essence. In other words, mental impact reflected in body and spirit. Physical stimuli affect the mind and spirit and Spiritual stimuli directly impact the mind and body.

These facts are not too far off from what most folks recognize already. The realization of my dream was that precise control of one of these three variables should improve the disposition of the other aspects of ones being.

We already recognize that the mind may be impacted by improper use of one's body and spirit. It is clear too that one's mental and emotional (spiritual) state impact bodily health. So true it is then that mental and bodily health directly impact spiritual (emotional) health.

In my dream I realized that the M-B-S organization is interdependent and that these factors can be controlled by applying mental, physical and emotional controls over oneself. Forceful attention to the subcutaneous regions around the facial area appear to allow one to ease the pressure associated with the many tensions associated with mental and emotional reactions. When I experimented with these reactions I found that subconscious mental and spiritual stimuli, or rather the physical reaction to these stimuli could be eased by the close attention to and easing of these facial muscles.

The concept of having one's emotions written on one's face is not new. My idea is that easing these emotions may in fact ease the numerous other bodily tensions associated with the expression of these stimuli. The net effect, because of the associated properties of mind, body and spirit, are that control of this region eases the mental and spiritual source stimuli.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The War Zone

war zone
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In the middle of an attack, I realized that we were living in the midst of a war zone. Too late I recognized that the fire in the building was in fact a gas attack. We always thought the next attack would be a dirty nuclear bomb.

The concentration of smoke and gas was a problem we had not considered. Once again all of our work continuity and disaster recovery (DR) plans seemed ridiculous. In this situation having large groups of people moving to a dedicated area in and around the target area was a recipe for death.

Too late (?) I realized that everyone's DR plans would get lots of people killed. I recalled the puzzled expression on the soldiers face when confronted with the methods used in the attack. He could only say "you're living in the middle of a war zone..."

People were fleeing now, running full tilt in an effort to get away. Some however were waiting near the buildings in designated congregation areas. In this case a deadly mistake. I saw my wife and yelled at her to come along.

The ingestion of chemicals in that fateful yell is what did me in. I ran for it anyways. I could see her running in my direction as I fell. Someone was hovering over me as I found myself drifting into a peaceful sleep.

The next thing I knew was that I had awaken from that world into this world. I thought I must be in Iraq. Then I realized that no, I was in New York. In the middle of a war zone.

Next I realized that I would need to revise all of my DR plans. The only network that could possibly survive the traffic from an attack would be the world wide web. I had better make our DR site a virtual one so that people could follow the rule "get to safety, then communicate your status".

I also now understand that we need to build virtual offices so that people can work together from any location. We are in a war zone and its time we took it seriously. Thank goodness I woke up in time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sentimental Sunlight

Sentimental Sunlight
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Dream things of this world and the next.
Wake up and make your dreams a reality.

Pacific Ocean Sunset

Pacific Ocean Sunset
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Hold onto your dreams while life lasts, just a little longer. Never give up and do your best everyday. That's my little ray of sunshine and hope.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Keepin it real

In the first scene I noticed the son of a famous fighter who was sitting in class and acting like a bully, The son was in high school and the mere threat of violence caused a much larger fellow to back down. Somehow I found this irksome.

Then in walked a finger snapping, fast rapping, hip hopping, rhythm stomping, performer who came right up to me and started right into his latest rhyme (pounding my fist in greeting) "hip hopping, never stopping, don't fear just keep it rocking, that's right you hear me, (at this point I rhymed too "yeah, I feel you")

...(after some more rapping). The kid rapped, "...that's right just keep it up, don't stop until you nut!" Amazingly I seemed to precede his speech to the point when we reached the end I had jump up on a chair and in keeping with the beat, fist pounding, foot stomping I had rapped "...nuuuuuuuuttttt" in an exaggerated voice.

This surprised the entire class since I was the teacher. I was thereafter given applause for the overall performance. Unexpected as it all was - it was a'right.

Rap Bastard!

In the first scene I noticed the son of a famous fighter who was sitting in class and acting like a bully, The son was in high school and the mere threat of violence caused a much larger fellow to back down. Somehow I found this irksome.

Then in walked a finger snapping, fast rapping, hip hopping, rhythm stomping, performer who came right up to me and started right into his latest rhyme (pounding my fist in greeting) "hip hopping, never stopping, don't fear just keep it rocking, that's right you hear me, (at this point I rhymed too "yeah, I feel you")

...(after some more rapping). The kid rapped, "...that's right just keep it up, don't stop until you nut!" Amazingly I seemed to precede his speech to the point when we reached the end I had jump up on a chair and in keeping with the beat, fist pounding, foot stomping I had rapped "...nuuuuuuuuttttt" in an exaggerated voice.

This surprised the entire class since I was the teacher. I was thereafter given applause for the overall performance. Unexpected as it all was - it was a'right.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A message in a bottle

Progressive, dreamt thoughts, contemplative ideas in search of a mind capable of blossoming. The words are there, find them. Let them mean more to you than Life or Death.
  • A pebble skips over the surface of a pond; its ripple impacts an extremely large surface
  • A big stone sinks straight to the bottom of the pond; its impact is nothing
Deflective surfaces allow one to impact greater distances
  • Moving a large piece of furniture using little force by adding a piece of cardboard beneath the front bottom of the furniture. Cardboard in alignment with the floor diffuses the friction of the heavy furniture.
Mathematics is the structure of all languages. All languages are a subset of mathematical structural sets.

Space itself is like the big pond of water.
  • Large items using a lot of force punch right through it rather than small items skipping along the surface (having a larger ripple effect).
  • A diffusion plate aligned with the direction of travel can help to reduce friction and move objects with a trivial fraction of the force used to break through our atmospheric boundaries.

Hypothesis (?)
  • The force needed to arrive in space is all the force one needs to traverse it.
Comments: Yes, the above did come to me in a dream. I have been contemplating some of these topics however recently I have felt that a series of static, unchanging images are available in my head but just out of reach. I knew I had to just record this dream immediately. It does appear to be a message in a bottle - now one just needs to unravel it.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Love is

In my waking/dream state I often times hear music. Without knowing or trying to interpret these dreams I simply report them. Perhaps others will find this content one day and have an answer for human existence (and I have my own ideas about that topic)

Last night the song in my head was/is:

If I could just reach the sky
If I could touch the moon
If I could just reach the sun
I would pare open my heart and
I'd give them all to you

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The stuff of dreams

Whenever I close my eyes and tune out the distraction of reality. When I suspend awareness of the subjective present/future then I can clearly see images of people, events and numbers. From where these images come I do not know. The reality perceived in this manner is as real to me as the moments spent existing in the "real world".

It seems that dreams are made of the stuff flowing between the conscious and the unconscious. When one is neither sleeping nor fully focused on the awareness of this reality then the dimensions expose themselves. As to why these conditions permit such visions - who is to say? Notwithstanding the question of why perhaps we ought to try to apply what is to our understanding of the human condition.

I have always thought that we are but watchers tape recorders of the events, in staggering detail, which occur in our lifetimes.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Family borne nightmares

In a semi-conscious state that seemed like a bit more than a dream I awoke and realized that I could see through the walls of my apartment. My then brother-in-law was making mischief. He was selling a bottle of liquor. Unknown to him this turned out to be a bad decision.

The undercover agent smiled as she turned and squawked into a radio. My brother-in-law came back into the apartment saying I think we are going to be hit. I awoke in my bed realizing that I needed to get my id so these guys wouldn't think that I was part of this stupid event.

The officers entered the room. My brother-in-law presented with this opportunity said nothing. I indicated that I had no knowledge of any such transactions and in fact that I had just woke up. I then pulled out my American Express and other credit cards to show that I was a card carrying "good guy".

It seems that the incident of having to let one of us go was upsetting to the female officer. She gleefully stated, "You know what happens to a bike left unwatched...? They are never seen again when left on the street for long." An image of the bike in question came to mind. It was more a hybrid motor/bicycle than anything with an extremely thick tubular frame.

I remembered that the brother-in-law who was by now being put into the back of a squad car held the only key. Fortunately the brother-in-law realized leaving me out of jail was a good way to make bail and save the bike.

I raced next door after the departing officers cleared the doorway to see if my brother-in-law had a spare key. I was thinking that the female officer was right when she had added "...I don't think that flimsy lock is going to stop anyone from getting that bike".

No key! -- I thought that even if the crooks didn't take the bike the city would love to give multiple alternate side of the street tickets. The cost of this screw up was growing. My erstwhile brother-in-law was starting to be a pain in the extremities.

My sister arrived next door and we began to look for the spare key so that we could save the bike. Funny until I finished this story I hadn't thought once about bailing out brother-in-law. I felt pressed upon by the entire affair.

I wakened once again and thought this sucks... now I am dreaming about the nonsense.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I just dreamt of a large boa constrictor that could move seamlessly through walls. I also noticed an armadillo. There appeared a diamond headed creature that walked on all fours which looked like a being between an alligator and a Komodo dragon (definitely reptilian and when I reviewed this picture I would say a fairly accurate representation). The picture is just missing the darker diamond speckled skin and a rounder, humanized, intelligent head.

The interesting thing is that I noticed at least one person in this dream who I know is not among the living. The other person was an old friend who I haven't heard from in a long while. Another point of interest was that all of these creatures did not behave as if they were mindless animals.

I was at one point riding my motorcycle and at another attempting to carry a large item through the backyard to search for the boa constrictor which was purported to be in the backyard and then on the roof. I indicated "what kind of house is this?". That was when I first saw the boa come through the walls and realized - "I'm going to need a bigger stick".

In fact the whole scene was as real as my everyday existence. I could not understand how these creature could move through our dimension. Nonetheless, here they were - I realized that I was about to panic. I looked up again and could swear that I saw the tail of the boa once again slipping between walls.

That was it. I had to get up and walk around. The idea of super intelligent beings had me thinking of the word "animalistic". I recognized this term from a movie called "Mortal Kombat" (link). Before long I found myself wanting to record these facts; sitting before this keyboard and thinking where have I just been?

Analysis? I think not - sometimes dreams just have to stand on their own (in my humble opinion). Notwithstanding that I can't look at other creatures in a similar way without wondering what do they think of us - Masters of their universe?

I have found that this thought gives one pause.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Research from the dream-scape

Recent investigations into the dreams of this lifetime lead me to believe that not only do we dream of both our past and future selves; but that certain other realities persist. A series of introspective conversations and interviews with waking dreamers provides the basis for my dream postulations. In pursuit of such knowledge I continue to evolve the theory of the dream-scape.

  • The in-between time of consciousness and slumber is where dreams are remembered.
  • The dreams of many are poured into the souls of few.
  • The only [false] commonality in one's dream is the presence of oneself.
  • Ghosts seen and heard may be the essence of a dream.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dreams on, Dreams off

If dreams allow us to traverse the time-space continuum as many believe that we do. What happens when we do not dream? Is our spirit held in the void between stars? The question seems pertinent to our investigation of the dream-scape.

Is it the case that we ever really do not dream? Or is it merely that we cannot recollect our dream? The theories are endless and may be included among life's biggest mysteries. An example of one such mystery is the observation that I have been typing this note with my eyes closed and yet somehow the computer knows where my hands are....

Although Life itself is a mystery - Dreams are the root of our attempt to understand the human mind. We must traverse the void and grow in our understanding of ourselves.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

No Doubt

I awoke to the thundering pattern of thump-thump, thump-thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump-thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump-thump. This pattern would continuously be repeated.

A woman with the strength of a man was hovering over my back. She had my arm twisted in what looked like a very painful position and with her knuckle at an odd angle she was striking out this beat on the upper rib cage below my left arm. The face of this woman was extremely sallow and she had rings under her arms.

It hit me that the strikes were way too powerful and in an instinctive motion I tried to free my arm. That's when I found that this slight, sallow-toned, tired looking woman was in fact possessed of extraordinary strength. With my final bit of strength (somehow that rhythm was quickly waning what little strength that remained...) I broke the connection; I awoke from my slumber.

My chest hurt. The pounding sound was in my ears. I felt it must have been the sound of a death knell. I slowed that tempo mentally, as I placed my hand over my heart. I got up out of that world, removing the last of my sleep from my eyes. I came to my desk and have related this truth to you.

Can there be any doubt that we are not alone?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A single solitary picture of a small stuff two faced mouse with big ears made its way into my consciousness this morning. That is all that I can recall from my travels, The fake mouse was golden brown in color and had a set of hot pink whiskers.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trouble with Dreams

The trouble with Dreams is that we do not understand the human mind, the human heart nor do we comprehend the human condition. Without knowledge of the critical aspects that exist in our universe it becomes improbable that we will understand what or how we dream. In such an environment we can forget about controlling our dreams.

I continue to express the belief that dreams are way-points in our discovery of the universe. My contention is that some portion of our beings traverse the time-space continuum during the sleep process. The human brain seems to have a large capacity for storing volumes of information. I believe that we record everything that occurs to us during our lifetime.

I recently experienced a slew of dreams and my first thought was "cool, how lucky for me - I can get to write more stories". Then somehow the dreams slowed or in some cases became unmemorable. A few times my dreams turned into nightmares (these times were when the dream would be closest to my current reality).

Lately I have found a way to bring my dreams back into a "safe place" (meaning a place where I am comfortable to experience them). I have been learning lots of new topics. In my estimation this keeps the brain active and provides lots of raw material for far flung dreams.

Some things that I would recommend to others who might want to activate their dreams:
  • Research an article on any unknown topic (
  • Re-learn what you thought you knew about math - especially binomials and polynomials (
  • Learn about the movement of energy (chi) within our bodies
  • Consider learning a new language - French, Chinese or Spanish
  • Sit and contemplate the nature of the universe (introspectively)
  • Sleep

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Psyche master - Sigmund Freud

In considering dreams. Comments from the masters of human psyche can provide deep insights into the realm of dreams. PBS provides some more information on Sigmund Freud The SF museum is also another good video source (link).

Monday, February 19, 2007

A word from a master psychologist

Dr. Jung gives a powerful interview when asked about the impact of Death on our lives.

In our search for some semblance of sanity within our dreams it can be very useful to hear from insightful masters of the mind.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bad tidings all around

When are dreams too hard to tell?

Lately reality has been poking its nose into my dream-state. I did not invite America in it has just come along and invaded my restful spot. The dreams of late have been dominated by nightmarish accounts of real world events - our current reality (war, crime, poverty, economy, society) . The shape of our reality is scarier than most nightmares.

We've got problems - worldwide. Worst still, we do not have leaders who can provide encouragement, hope and direction.

Bad times abound.

This is truthfully a Howard Beale moment (check audio).


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Karmic Power

A heated meeting was going on. I overheard "...just call in Tommie Carter. He should be able to solve this problem." I noticed that once again I was in the offices of C&P. Intuitively I started thinking about the issue under discussion and wondered why so many people were needed to make a decision.

I heard DN's voice saying "just let him take a look at this issue and it will be all resolved." I decided to head to the office to assess the problem. I felt a bit disgusted by the debate and wished to extricate myself from the situation.

While in the office I look and see a plug that is not put into the machine. I plug it in and things appear to start up normally. I notice the smell of cigarette smoke and see DN on the couch behind me -- blowing clouds of smoke straight up into the air.

I think to myself "how many lifetimes will I run into the same people, over and over?". This thought echoes through my head. I surface into this reality and contemplate the karmic nature of the universe.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Tough Journey

In my latest encounter I walked into a room and saw two persons using a magnetic device which when held together near a man's head caused it to explode. I was not the only witness but the assailants did not seem to care about anyone other than their target. I took this as a sign to get my body out of the door of the room in which this scene was unfolding.

The target needed help so I raced around looking for anyone with a cry of "help! they're killing him!". No one appeared interested in helping. In a busy city all of the residents were wrapped in a cocoon of their own misery.

I noticed a police officer and he too turned me down; as he pointed at a closed store sheepishly. I got the feeling he was moonlighting as security for the store (it appeared to be filled with lots of gold and jewelry). I was running back towards the scene of the attack when the two assailants burst into sight.

The murderers were headed opposite and diagonally away from me. The smaller of the two men said "there is one..." and the pair did a 180 degree course change now headed directly for me. I took off running this time trying to help myself.

I noticed that the roads were semi-icy and thought to myself "well if I can stay ahead of them long enough to draw them towards a police station...". I was headed up a slightly curved street and towards a location where I thought there might be some help. My world view had narrowed to the point where there was just the bad guys and me.

Moving past the crest of the hill and the attackers were close on my heels. I found this amazingly unlikely but this is simply stating the facts. One of the guys grabbed my back and came away with a bag in which I carried my computer. The little one said "yes... he will come back for his computer..." and next "yes! we have the power cable!". I took a deep breath and kept moving thinking "it's password protected and insured" and "these guys are close enough for me to spring my trap".

"Where the hell is that police station?". My world view expanded, I rose up and came back to this world. "I'd better put this down before I forget it...". I have done just that and hope that others may find it either of interest or at least entertaining. For myself, it continues to be a tough journey.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Finding one's voice everyday

On stage I sang with an vocal group of about 7 members. We were practicing a series of rehearsals. We began with trying some harmonious sounds like "ahhhh...wooo... ah.ha.ahh"... Next we continued to try to work with our ebb and flow so we began to add movement in order to see what harmonies we would produce.

Giving each other encouragement we started to get looser. We began to extrapolate as we each sought our own voice. After a steady beat of "ahhhh...ahhhh...ah.. ahh.. ah.." one performer began singing "whyyyy....why... why... why...". We kept moving to encourage new harmonies.

Another singer added some ad hoc "I just don't know why.. you know we got to gooo.. but please somebody... please... tell me why..". This touched me and I harmonized back singing "I'll tell you whyyyyy!... because we got to know...there ain't no other way... for me to say... we all must travel some day... I-I-I really think we gotta tryyyy.. Cause life's too short... We have to tryyy...Someday down that line ... we meet again and I've got to say that's whyyy... whyy...we gotta hold on tight ... to someone we love tonight... that's why..."

In this world I felt that fame and renown were coming towards me. I wanted to stay asleep in that special place and, dream again. Here I found that I had a voice of my own.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The sleeper

We were in a theatre. My wife and I - we were watching a show. The native was performing how to make fire. He was a blue painted person. There were lots of designs over his skin. The performer could move, twist and jiggle his fat belly in a surprising number of ways.

I was annoyed when the audience began their catcalls of "sit-down" and "go do your homework" as I moved in closer to see the critical moment of this creation called Fire. I tried to be less imposing. Strange that I didn't bother to push back -- I thought to myself "why so meek today?".

My wife jumped right up and started to say something as our pizza's were delivered. "If they had to pay for this they would be more polite". Someone asked "who said that?", meaning another retort thrown out from the crowd. In surprise, I heard my wife say "it was that guy, and that guy and that one over there". In shock it dawned on me that the sleeper had awakened.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

I regained awareness in a world where black clouds in the shape of walking beings decided to haunt the living. The goal of these beings seemed to surround and contaminate the human population. Because the beings were walking my immediate response was -- "Stratocumulus on the march!?"

Several of these beings approached as I awoke and attempted to lay hands on me. I climbed a tree since the black clouds appeared to be subject to gravity. These creatures appeared to me to be a living form of stratocumulus (link). I noted that these groups of beings did not rise as I climbed the tree although they appeared to gather closely together.

The gathering gave the impression of a re-formation of the traditional cloud cover. Since I did not want to be caught in this seemingly harmful environment I jumped down before a quorum of cloud beings could amass. I saw these beings start to surround other people as I came down from my safe haven.

As I ran I tried warning other humans of the approach of these beings. I awoke in a haze with a stark realization. My fellow humans could not see these beings at all. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Comment on the 'Unhappy meal' article

For some reason I believe that I must bury my gems deep in the ground. I tend to post what I consider really important stories deep down in my blog. Perhaps I do not want them (or myself) to be found. I cover things with less useful or less crazy stories (to appear normal?). But what is normal anyway.

Another story that I found on the uselessness of listening to the "health" advice of others points out that what is in today is typically out tomorrow. Now I cannot recommend that one read more than the first page of this story (which is the authors' fault for going on too long) but that first page is so enlightening it may just get you (thinking.... shh - I won't tell).

The author points out the hazards of trying to eat healthy as opposed to eating simply. He also advocates making meat a side dish. He might have a point or two more to express and as such I am going to step out of the way at this point. Please feel free to post back on this article. I am interested to see what everyone thinks.

Article (link)

By the way, browsing the other posts on this site may be hazardous for your mental health.

Dreams: Pathways of the multi-verse

I don't know whether it is fair to say that I dreamed or I visited the multi-verse again. This morning I awoke several times in multiple universes. On each occasion I faced similar challenges with my life. I was at a point where I needed and believed that I could make a break-through to reach greater heights.

In one of these universes something heinous was going on, people in the lower wards were being destroyed. There, usefulness was the essential value criteria. I awoke in that universe to horrific images of bland faced doctors who chose to inject some concoction into me. I resisted.

"You have already lived longer than anyone else in the lower wards... I wonder why?..." -- Those are the words spoken by the maniacal doctor in that universe. I decided that I had better disconnect from that version of myself in case of discovery.

In thinking about the multi-verse I must say that everything is just slightly off. The color of some curtains, children that I do not know who must be fat but are skinny. The paint does not match, seats look different than they do in this lifetime. People who are no longer, exist and those who should, do not.

In each universe/lifetime I believe that I have reached a pivotal point where I must decide to overcome the major obstacle in my life. It is at this crucial point that I have discovered the existence of my other selves and the realization that there is the strength of One, this must be tapped into, the relationship between each of these selves; these visions; can help one to surmount the obstacle.

In stark reality I awoke, feeling the tingling of the poisons from the mad doctor. I hoped that he had the antidote and wondered if he did not whether it would reach across multi-dimensional time and space. I felt that this missive better be sent.

Welcome to Zweble

Contained within this site are what will seem to the reader to be a series of short stories. Such a description would be dead wrong. For the most part these are my travels into the dream scape where some believe that we exist in other realities (our spiritual presence seemingly cannot be argued since we awaken with a vision of the environment).

Many of us have constant, deep and richly filled dreams. The sad thing is that most of these experiences go undocumented. This blog attempts to close the loophole of lost dreams.

In addition to dreams we sometimes explore the fantastic and improbable stark reality of our waking world. Topics appear on this blog that only our imaginations can dream up. If you would like to be able to post your dreams, please send an email to tcarternyc(at)hotmail(dot)com.