Sunday, June 10, 2007

The stuff of dreams

Whenever I close my eyes and tune out the distraction of reality. When I suspend awareness of the subjective present/future then I can clearly see images of people, events and numbers. From where these images come I do not know. The reality perceived in this manner is as real to me as the moments spent existing in the "real world".

It seems that dreams are made of the stuff flowing between the conscious and the unconscious. When one is neither sleeping nor fully focused on the awareness of this reality then the dimensions expose themselves. As to why these conditions permit such visions - who is to say? Notwithstanding the question of why perhaps we ought to try to apply what is to our understanding of the human condition.

I have always thought that we are but watchers tape recorders of the events, in staggering detail, which occur in our lifetimes.

Welcome to Zweble

Contained within this site are what will seem to the reader to be a series of short stories. Such a description would be dead wrong. For the most part these are my travels into the dream scape where some believe that we exist in other realities (our spiritual presence seemingly cannot be argued since we awaken with a vision of the environment).

Many of us have constant, deep and richly filled dreams. The sad thing is that most of these experiences go undocumented. This blog attempts to close the loophole of lost dreams.

In addition to dreams we sometimes explore the fantastic and improbable stark reality of our waking world. Topics appear on this blog that only our imaginations can dream up. If you would like to be able to post your dreams, please send an email to tcarternyc(at)hotmail(dot)com.