Friday, September 19, 2008

The monster in the mist

The monster was one in human form. He stayed inside his incredibly strong keep for years. No force could hold him really and the sense of wanting everything he saw was a weakness which made him shallow and vain. The problem was that although his cavern was covered in specially bound metal he could break free at any time.

He was a loud bushy mustached barrel chested amiable beast of a man. He adorned himself with long stemmed horned helmets and special designed armor from another time. He was immortal and he was bored.

When unleased upon the world he wasa whirlwind. A terrible storm which could not be bound. Most often he was allowed to blow himself out. The loneliness of complete destruction was the only thing which held him back from a complete wipeout of the population.

Somehow I became a guest of the monster. He pondered ceaselessly about the need to head outside and run destructively about. His goal? -to try new things; like many of us the monster wanted whatever he could not have.

It was for this reason that locked in his cavern he must remain. I understood this, he understood this and his other visitor did not. She was all mist and low on substance.

By dumbfounded circumstance I found myself in the company of a guffable monster whose mere prescence would cause walls to tremble. Once in motion the monster could not be stopped -buildings would crumble, ordance repelled and invincibly strong.

In talking to the beast it became clear to me that his envy was great but as long as his interest was kept at bay he would remain inside. Devoid of this barrier the beast would burst forth causing havoc and great destruction.He was both the immovable object and the irresistable force.

The monsterous, Viking-like immortal would crave whatever was seen or any enticing thing that he heard. I therefore admonished the other guest not to provoke his interest. Like mist she could not be contained.

I really tried to hold back the beast, lest he be loosed upon the world. The knowledge of his great strength was obvious -the walls would tremble upon his spoken word. In his waypath was a pool of poisonous waters. Along the path -was a safe haven.

The monster could take many tongues and oneheard his speech in one's own langauge. He would try to provoke one to feed his hunger for vibrant concepts. The girl of mist could not be stopped. My hand fell onto the poisonous waters and the monster held the only cure.

A short shower later and the monster was loosed. Unable to contain himself he was content for the moment to retain his new guest. Not through force but skillful manipulatiion of ideas beyond her comprehension.

So did the girl of the mist, fade away. The monster stayed home. I returned to tell this tale.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dreaming of Einstein

Today I dreamed of e=mc2 (and wondered if it was right) and e=s - 2n. Amazingly enough it all seemed so clear a few minutes ago. I'd overheard a discovery of the secret to event probability.

While in the dream I was just an observer of this theorem I really felt ready to grasp this concept. And then I woke up - now that was frustrating. I wonder how many thoughts were undiscovered because one has awakened from a dream?

Well perhaps I will dream again and if so I will write it down until we can capture the essence of the thing for which we are all searching.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

African Snakes

I dreamed of living in Africa. My wife and I had traveled to Africa in this dream. We had gone through an African marriage ceremony.

My wife was sorting some herbs, I noticed people going about their business. The priest was walking by as well. Although he was not dressed in his official robes.

I noticed that my wife was separating a short dark green bed of leaves. For some reason I thought isn't that tat (a local carcinogen)? She explained it is the only medicinal herb around here.

A picture of a snake made itself present. Not a real looking snake but a fake looking one. It's eyes were very large, emerald colored and elongated. The thought that came to mind is when you see these the best thing to do is jump and get out of the way. Jump and get out of their way.

They don't normally attack but just give them their distance and get out of their way.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Software Accelerator

Today I dreamed that I was a backup driver. I was a natural talent at this in my dream. I worked with an important team of smart technicians. It was quite by accident and after many failures that the team discovered that I had a hidden talent - I instinctively knew when and how to manipulate the engine in order to achieve maximum velocity.

The team worked from a console and I noticed that the current driver did not know when it was necessary to throttle back power as the course on the main board changed direction, speed and intensity. I am not sure when I realized that this was a system , an engine , to drive software rather than a vehicle. It must have been the day of the big test when the main driver and her supporting team were looking around trying to understand why the system was not working properly.

I recalled images of the success of the team being brought into question in the press. The thought of this engine being given up as an idea that would not work. I flashed back to the team having this issue. I walked in and performed a repair under the console. Then I took notice of the main board where the team puzzled over the problem.

It was I who noted that at a certain section of the course the intensity of the main engine needed to be reduced so that maximum power was maintained while the internal processes reorganized multiple threads. Following that I noticed that the race course of the engine changed direction by 90 degrees. I mentioned that power needed to be trimmed by two, three then four percent in order to navigate such a turn at the current speed. Otherwise accelerated particle thrust would result in dispersal of electrons and interruption of power flow.

At this point I became aware that I was dreaming (actually I suspected it earlier). I made a conscious decision to continue dreaming so that I could record this information into my longer term/short term memory. It is natural of course without dedicated focus to lose one's dreams after waking. I pushed the urge to wake aside and reviewed the contents of the dream before leaving the dream scape.

Which is how I discovered the Software Accelerator. Now recorded on the day of the dream by Tommie N. Carter, Jr.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Multiple dreams in one day

Today for the first time that I can recall -I had at least two distinct dreams that I can remember. On the periphery of my memory I seem to grasp that a third dream is there but currently this eludes me . Instead of losing all memory of the dreams, I find that I can still hear the Sutra in my head, I have retained much of the essence of the dream-space.

Scene 1:
The Asians are in a beige car behind mine and as we reach the destination and they get out of their car we all start to feel and hear automatic gun fire. I look over my right shoulder and following the sounds of the bullets I train my eye upon the topmost floor of a building where I can see gun fire flashes coming from a window near the corner of the building. I order our men to take cover as I hug the wall and try to gauge the distance between the incoming fire and the impact of the bullets.

We apparently were here to investigate this building diagonally across the street from where the gunfire is approaching. I interpret the gunfire as a way to distract us from our target. And as a warning to those we have come for -surely they are leaving out the back door after hearing this gunfire. I prepare to return fire when the Sutra interrupts this dream.

Scene 2:
Unusual activity from a friend including some pictures of girls sitting within an inner tube with a ball in the middle is the component that I recall strongest. I also recall that the friend had previously made contact with me regarding a relationship problem. The Sutra brings me out of my reverie and forces my attention once again upon the being.

Scene 3:
In a waking dream this time. I am listening to a very musical version of a Sutra. The strains of the musical chimes and other instruments which I cannot identify seem to make the experience reach one's higher self.

When the chanting begins I do not understand the words but their intent seems clear. The words are both soothing and inviting one to reach beyond the limits of oneself. After listening to this music for some time I saw a waking vision of a monk sitting in a lotus or kneeling position.

The amazing thing was that I could not see the monk's face -it was enclosed in shadow. I was able to see that the monk had on deep red robes covering an inner robe of gold (I could see the gold cloth coming from beneath the red robe around the shoulder area. The amazing thing is that this monk is now with me -whenever I hear this Sutra/music in my head I can visualize this apparition/being as distinctly as I can view other objects in the physical world.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


In my dream today I walked a path and from afar I saw a goldfish leap high into the sky. It was a mighty leap, unusually so and I wondered why. I hurried to see what I could make of this situation and as I drew closer I realized that there were two fish in the air. The leap of the goldfish must have been tremendous I thought.

For some reason what came to mind was the Salmon swimming up-river to the place where they had spawned. With that thought the scene became clearer as I approached. I realized that the goldfish had jumped out of a body of water and that further away -some distance in fact was another body of water (I couldn't say if it was the ocean or a river).

What I saw when I came within close range was that a goldfish had indeed been captured in the jaws of a huge brown fish. Or the brown fish may have been captured by a huge goldfish. Please excuse the confusion on this point -I was busy being amazed at the mighty leap which was at this point simulating flight.

It appeared that these two fish (one in the mouth of the other) were flying through the air. They flew around close to the height of head (or a little higher). It seemed rather strange to me and so I ducked for cover -I didn't want to interrupt this event.

The flying fish seemed headed to the other body of water at first. Next the fish doing the amazing leap that simulated flight performed a semi-turn and seemed to be headed back to the first body of water (not sure if it would be called a lake, a stream or a pond).

As I was now ducked down close to the ground I became aware of the startling colors in this environment. Blue sky, green grass, goldfish, brown fish and a dark body of water. I was at this point confronted with the fact that these fish were not going to make it to the body of water. I realized this as the fish flew around my head and appeared to aim directly for me.

The dream came to a sudden end as the two fish headed straight towards my face. I dropped my head low to the ground to avoid collision and the two fish came to rest on the ground inches from my face. Breathing heavily the fish lay before me and I awoke thinking now I have two fish -what am I going to do with them?

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Many of us have constant, deep and richly filled dreams. The sad thing is that most of these experiences go undocumented. This blog attempts to close the loophole of lost dreams.

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