Monday, January 4, 2010

Lost Treasure

A number of professionals, business folk and general media outlets have focused on employee engagement. The idea of engagement is to empower employees so that they become fully involved with their work. The theory is that involved employees will find their work more meaningful and consequently will be happier and more productive.
One bit of advice for business managers and owners might be to leverage the benefits of employee engagement. I wondered this morning how much money and innovation might be accrued by following through on the ideas of employee engagement. I recalled as a younger man being employed by a business owner to simply examine technology and make recommendations on their usage in his business. That was the extent of my job and because of it I developed a intuitive sense about the possibility for employees to change the course of a business.
When setting new years resolutions I would recommend that one include promotion of employee engagement together with serious consideration for implementing active employee suggestions. Don't waste the competitive advantages that exist in your organization. Businesses may have technology and streamlined processes but one must remember that people are your foundation and hold a wealth of lost treasure.

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