Friday, March 4, 2011


A recent dream found me recognizing the wonder of one's bond. Words have meaning. As I stalked the dreamscape I discovered new meaning for this plane of existence. Applying the lessons are the next challenge.

In a field on a day, in a place unknown, with chaotic disarray I found myself penniless. To one did I turn, who bespoke another, all three of us journeyed in search of cover. The chaos ran round and as I surveyed the town, torn asunder, athwart with silent chaos.

I spoke with my savior, or at least one who had the power to save me from this plight. She asked me for a guarantee and I held out the only thing I had. My word.

And then, I, awake from my dream, considered the importance of that thing given. The power of one's word and the ability to influence change. And thus, I learned another valuable lesson from stalking the dreamscape, which I happily share with you.

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