Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fear is the only thing

From an interesting dream, I have come to some startling conclusions. Fear drives most of our behaviors. We tend to overcompensate for our fears, which results in many of our actions being less than useful.

Fear of loss causes one to take from others
Fear of love causes one to express hate
Fear of poverty causes one to enact greed
Fear of success causes one to accept failure
Fear of impotentence causes one to overindulge in sex addictions
Fear of being thought stupid causes one to always want be right, and often leads to arrogance
Fear of sobriety causes one to drink heavily
Fear of happiness causes one to choose sorrow
Fear of the easy path causes one to choose the hard path

We should not be afraid of living. When choosing how we live we must always remember to let our actions be driven by something other than our basic instinct to fear the unknown. This lesson came to me in a dream in which I realized once again that God is within us all, in the form of loving compassion. Fear is the reason why.

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