Saturday, July 14, 2007

A message in a bottle

Progressive, dreamt thoughts, contemplative ideas in search of a mind capable of blossoming. The words are there, find them. Let them mean more to you than Life or Death.
  • A pebble skips over the surface of a pond; its ripple impacts an extremely large surface
  • A big stone sinks straight to the bottom of the pond; its impact is nothing
Deflective surfaces allow one to impact greater distances
  • Moving a large piece of furniture using little force by adding a piece of cardboard beneath the front bottom of the furniture. Cardboard in alignment with the floor diffuses the friction of the heavy furniture.
Mathematics is the structure of all languages. All languages are a subset of mathematical structural sets.

Space itself is like the big pond of water.
  • Large items using a lot of force punch right through it rather than small items skipping along the surface (having a larger ripple effect).
  • A diffusion plate aligned with the direction of travel can help to reduce friction and move objects with a trivial fraction of the force used to break through our atmospheric boundaries.

Hypothesis (?)
  • The force needed to arrive in space is all the force one needs to traverse it.
Comments: Yes, the above did come to me in a dream. I have been contemplating some of these topics however recently I have felt that a series of static, unchanging images are available in my head but just out of reach. I knew I had to just record this dream immediately. It does appear to be a message in a bottle - now one just needs to unravel it.

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