Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rap Bastard!

In the first scene I noticed the son of a famous fighter who was sitting in class and acting like a bully, The son was in high school and the mere threat of violence caused a much larger fellow to back down. Somehow I found this irksome.

Then in walked a finger snapping, fast rapping, hip hopping, rhythm stomping, performer who came right up to me and started right into his latest rhyme (pounding my fist in greeting) "hip hopping, never stopping, don't fear just keep it rocking, that's right you hear me, (at this point I rhymed too "yeah, I feel you")

...(after some more rapping). The kid rapped, "...that's right just keep it up, don't stop until you nut!" Amazingly I seemed to precede his speech to the point when we reached the end I had jump up on a chair and in keeping with the beat, fist pounding, foot stomping I had rapped "...nuuuuuuuuttttt" in an exaggerated voice.

This surprised the entire class since I was the teacher. I was thereafter given applause for the overall performance. Unexpected as it all was - it was a'right.

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