Monday, December 10, 2007

The Associative Properties of MBS


I am back at it after taking some time off for vacation and introspection. Continually seeking the inner truth of our existence. This morning I was dreaming about the interdependent properties of the human mind, body and spirit.

I dreamed that these properties are not only interrelated as many supposed is the truth but that they are also associative. In mathematical terms this would mean:

Mind = Body + Spirit
Body = Mind + Spirit
Spirit = Mind + Body

I dreamed that every individual reaction of our mind, body and spirit are reflected in aspects of our being by way of reflection in the other components of our essence. In other words, mental impact reflected in body and spirit. Physical stimuli affect the mind and spirit and Spiritual stimuli directly impact the mind and body.

These facts are not too far off from what most folks recognize already. The realization of my dream was that precise control of one of these three variables should improve the disposition of the other aspects of ones being.

We already recognize that the mind may be impacted by improper use of one's body and spirit. It is clear too that one's mental and emotional (spiritual) state impact bodily health. So true it is then that mental and bodily health directly impact spiritual (emotional) health.

In my dream I realized that the M-B-S organization is interdependent and that these factors can be controlled by applying mental, physical and emotional controls over oneself. Forceful attention to the subcutaneous regions around the facial area appear to allow one to ease the pressure associated with the many tensions associated with mental and emotional reactions. When I experimented with these reactions I found that subconscious mental and spiritual stimuli, or rather the physical reaction to these stimuli could be eased by the close attention to and easing of these facial muscles.

The concept of having one's emotions written on one's face is not new. My idea is that easing these emotions may in fact ease the numerous other bodily tensions associated with the expression of these stimuli. The net effect, because of the associated properties of mind, body and spirit, are that control of this region eases the mental and spiritual source stimuli.

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