Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dreaming the impossible dream

This morning I dreamt that the Earth when seen from afar casts a shadow-like aura. Our sun as a pinpoint of light creates this illusion. I dreamt of a newly formed medium-orange sun being formed between human hands. In my dream-scape I recognized that the lights in our sky might as well represent all those humans who ever were (so great are they in their numbers).

My dream conceived this impossible idea, could humanity be the key to those dots in the sky? Are we capable of shaping the stars out of our own essence? I awoke with an incomprehensible understanding of the unknown mysteries of our universe. No matter how unrecognized the beings, dimensions, and substances in our environment we are all connected.

Understanding this link becomes the next question, who knows, perhaps I or someone reading this will dream that impossible dream.

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