Sunday, May 11, 2008

Software Accelerator

Today I dreamed that I was a backup driver. I was a natural talent at this in my dream. I worked with an important team of smart technicians. It was quite by accident and after many failures that the team discovered that I had a hidden talent - I instinctively knew when and how to manipulate the engine in order to achieve maximum velocity.

The team worked from a console and I noticed that the current driver did not know when it was necessary to throttle back power as the course on the main board changed direction, speed and intensity. I am not sure when I realized that this was a system , an engine , to drive software rather than a vehicle. It must have been the day of the big test when the main driver and her supporting team were looking around trying to understand why the system was not working properly.

I recalled images of the success of the team being brought into question in the press. The thought of this engine being given up as an idea that would not work. I flashed back to the team having this issue. I walked in and performed a repair under the console. Then I took notice of the main board where the team puzzled over the problem.

It was I who noted that at a certain section of the course the intensity of the main engine needed to be reduced so that maximum power was maintained while the internal processes reorganized multiple threads. Following that I noticed that the race course of the engine changed direction by 90 degrees. I mentioned that power needed to be trimmed by two, three then four percent in order to navigate such a turn at the current speed. Otherwise accelerated particle thrust would result in dispersal of electrons and interruption of power flow.

At this point I became aware that I was dreaming (actually I suspected it earlier). I made a conscious decision to continue dreaming so that I could record this information into my longer term/short term memory. It is natural of course without dedicated focus to lose one's dreams after waking. I pushed the urge to wake aside and reviewed the contents of the dream before leaving the dream scape.

Which is how I discovered the Software Accelerator. Now recorded on the day of the dream by Tommie N. Carter, Jr.

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