Sunday, April 6, 2008

Multiple dreams in one day

Today for the first time that I can recall -I had at least two distinct dreams that I can remember. On the periphery of my memory I seem to grasp that a third dream is there but currently this eludes me . Instead of losing all memory of the dreams, I find that I can still hear the Sutra in my head, I have retained much of the essence of the dream-space.

Scene 1:
The Asians are in a beige car behind mine and as we reach the destination and they get out of their car we all start to feel and hear automatic gun fire. I look over my right shoulder and following the sounds of the bullets I train my eye upon the topmost floor of a building where I can see gun fire flashes coming from a window near the corner of the building. I order our men to take cover as I hug the wall and try to gauge the distance between the incoming fire and the impact of the bullets.

We apparently were here to investigate this building diagonally across the street from where the gunfire is approaching. I interpret the gunfire as a way to distract us from our target. And as a warning to those we have come for -surely they are leaving out the back door after hearing this gunfire. I prepare to return fire when the Sutra interrupts this dream.

Scene 2:
Unusual activity from a friend including some pictures of girls sitting within an inner tube with a ball in the middle is the component that I recall strongest. I also recall that the friend had previously made contact with me regarding a relationship problem. The Sutra brings me out of my reverie and forces my attention once again upon the being.

Scene 3:
In a waking dream this time. I am listening to a very musical version of a Sutra. The strains of the musical chimes and other instruments which I cannot identify seem to make the experience reach one's higher self.

When the chanting begins I do not understand the words but their intent seems clear. The words are both soothing and inviting one to reach beyond the limits of oneself. After listening to this music for some time I saw a waking vision of a monk sitting in a lotus or kneeling position.

The amazing thing was that I could not see the monk's face -it was enclosed in shadow. I was able to see that the monk had on deep red robes covering an inner robe of gold (I could see the gold cloth coming from beneath the red robe around the shoulder area. The amazing thing is that this monk is now with me -whenever I hear this Sutra/music in my head I can visualize this apparition/being as distinctly as I can view other objects in the physical world.

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