Saturday, March 15, 2008


In my dream today I walked a path and from afar I saw a goldfish leap high into the sky. It was a mighty leap, unusually so and I wondered why. I hurried to see what I could make of this situation and as I drew closer I realized that there were two fish in the air. The leap of the goldfish must have been tremendous I thought.

For some reason what came to mind was the Salmon swimming up-river to the place where they had spawned. With that thought the scene became clearer as I approached. I realized that the goldfish had jumped out of a body of water and that further away -some distance in fact was another body of water (I couldn't say if it was the ocean or a river).

What I saw when I came within close range was that a goldfish had indeed been captured in the jaws of a huge brown fish. Or the brown fish may have been captured by a huge goldfish. Please excuse the confusion on this point -I was busy being amazed at the mighty leap which was at this point simulating flight.

It appeared that these two fish (one in the mouth of the other) were flying through the air. They flew around close to the height of head (or a little higher). It seemed rather strange to me and so I ducked for cover -I didn't want to interrupt this event.

The flying fish seemed headed to the other body of water at first. Next the fish doing the amazing leap that simulated flight performed a semi-turn and seemed to be headed back to the first body of water (not sure if it would be called a lake, a stream or a pond).

As I was now ducked down close to the ground I became aware of the startling colors in this environment. Blue sky, green grass, goldfish, brown fish and a dark body of water. I was at this point confronted with the fact that these fish were not going to make it to the body of water. I realized this as the fish flew around my head and appeared to aim directly for me.

The dream came to a sudden end as the two fish headed straight towards my face. I dropped my head low to the ground to avoid collision and the two fish came to rest on the ground inches from my face. Breathing heavily the fish lay before me and I awoke thinking now I have two fish -what am I going to do with them?

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