Thursday, November 23, 2006

Human Endurance

Humans are flexible, adaptable and can overcome many if not all of the phobias that accompany the effects of psychological trauma. Previously I have written about the drama, mental and emotional stresses facing New Yorkers who are in essence pawns in the war on terror. Despite the stresses placed on them many people are finding ways to cope with the changes occurring in our environment.

Next Steps:
Onwards and upwards we must strive to continue to conquer our fear of "just about" everything. One example of this is the fact that I came to Japan following a major earthquake occurrence and the report of a tsunami that was supposed to follow the earthquake. Common sense would dictate "turn-around" but stubbornly I refused to cancel the trip. A lot goes into making such decisions but the basic fact is that humans continue to act in spite of fear.

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