Monday, November 27, 2006

Stress - the not so silent killer

A lot of times we hear about Stress being a silent killer. I think that the news outlets have it all wrong. Stress makes a lot of noise. In many situations the noise that stress makes begins in our gut. One may hear sounds as chemical reactions occur in response to stressful emotions or thoughts. In general the result of stress is a physical/emotional outburst of some kind from the individual under stress.


Experiencing Stress can't be helped - suffering from stress can be reduced by exercise, medicine, and most often some form of meditation.

What to do about it:

Recognize that mental and emotional factors cause a great deal of stress. The induced stress appears to also coincide with chemical reactions in the body. Overall it appears to be important to control one's thoughts and emotions during stressful periods. Finding ways to relieve stress is an endless exercise.

Stress relief can come in the form of a variety of activities that induce other physical reactions. We must recognize that we are not reliving stress so much as we are counter-balancing the stress with other more healthy stresses. An example of this would be exercising in a gym. It's painfully obvious that stress is a killer. Unfortunately, with some of us, the slightest things can prove to be an irritant. Like a chain reaction such irritants can set us up with huge amounts of stress.

General Tips:

Recognition of the early stages of stress will help us to control this dangerous disease. Stress management techniques can be found at a variety of locations including;

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