Monday, November 27, 2006

Personal Happiness


For quite a while we have been giving some thoughts to what would make the world a better place. Who doesn't think about that some times? An interesting concept that I have proposed is one where everyone can be granted personal happiness. To me this is my idea of a Utopian setting. Imagine if you will the facets of that statement.

Personal happiness assured for each person does not mean that everyone adopts the same or similar codex but rather it simply states we are all happy with our lives as it is.Using the concept of personal happiness means that someone who is happy fighting will find an equally happy opponent content to fight with them. Those seeking peace ought to be equally happy that anyone else seeking peace shall have it.

Happiness with one's life can therefore take many forms. Ones' experience need not prejudice an others experience. In this way personal happiness if it existed could extend to the entire world. Presuming that one is personally happy whatever the condition then that environment appears to allow one to be always content.

I do not think that anyone could wish for more than that, at least not realistically.

Where then is the rub, if the answer is so simple?

The biggest problem with this theory is that conflicting visions of personal happiness exist. Matching up those folks who what the same things in life is currently not possible. This may not always be the case however.

I recall in one television show from the 1970's and 1980's where human society was divided into like-minded sections using the astrological signs of the person to predetermine with whom the person should interact and co-habitat. It has long been presumed that folks born under complimentary stars (which determine their astrological sign) are destined to find contentment together. Individuals born under conflicting stars are destined to be at odds.

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