Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Sleep Dimension

I theorize that sleep is a bending or distortion of the space time continuum. It seems highly unlikely that we should see time pass in the blink of an eye while the entire waking world experiences those same eight hours of rest as a brutal, seemingly unending work day. It is also interesting that in the interim we (males) grow full beards and long nails. It is almost as if the growth cycle of our bodies is accelerated.

Sleep is a bending of the space time dimension. Observations made during the sleep cycle occur in a dimension that we know little about. The mind-body-spirit appears to be performing work that enhances growth and repair of cellular tissues. External observations of sleep cycle participants are flawed because the viewer is not also a participant in the sleep dimension. Extra dimensional observations cannot accurately reflect the environment and therefore fail as a measure of scientific evidence.

Next Steps:
We must consider alternative tools and processes to measure observations of the sleep dimension (actually the time-space-dimension called sleep).


Unknown said...

Interesting theory. I think I'm going to keep an eye on your blog.

Tommie Carter said...

My friend Jane and I had a follow up discussion on this topic and her take on this was that our experience is determined by our senses. Does this mean with a lack of senses we do not percieve time?

Her contribution to this disccusion reminded me that Einstein observed that a traveller moving at the speed of light would experience time differently than those not moving at that speed. This gives rise to the theory that a twin leaving the earth on a lightspeed space ship would return to earth months later and meet his/her much older sibling who had experienced time much differently.

I wonder though whether sleep is in fact a journey through space-time because the observer and the participant experience time in these distcntly different ways (similar to Einstein's notes).

If you are interested in some additional information on Einsteins time theories (that are understandable in English) I would recommend this website (nova link).

Another excellent resource is a book (yes I still read books) -- Stephen Hawking's "The Universe in a Nutshell", ISBN 0-553-80202-X

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