Friday, February 2, 2007

Finding one's voice everyday

On stage I sang with an vocal group of about 7 members. We were practicing a series of rehearsals. We began with trying some harmonious sounds like "ahhhh...wooo... ah.ha.ahh"... Next we continued to try to work with our ebb and flow so we began to add movement in order to see what harmonies we would produce.

Giving each other encouragement we started to get looser. We began to extrapolate as we each sought our own voice. After a steady beat of "ahhhh...ahhhh...ah.. ahh.. ah.." one performer began singing "whyyyy....why... why... why...". We kept moving to encourage new harmonies.

Another singer added some ad hoc "I just don't know why.. you know we got to gooo.. but please somebody... please... tell me why..". This touched me and I harmonized back singing "I'll tell you whyyyyy!... because we got to know...there ain't no other way... for me to say... we all must travel some day... I-I-I really think we gotta tryyyy.. Cause life's too short... We have to tryyy...Someday down that line ... we meet again and I've got to say that's whyyy... whyy...we gotta hold on tight ... to someone we love tonight... that's why..."

In this world I felt that fame and renown were coming towards me. I wanted to stay asleep in that special place and, dream again. Here I found that I had a voice of my own.

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