Sunday, February 4, 2007

Karmic Power

A heated meeting was going on. I overheard "...just call in Tommie Carter. He should be able to solve this problem." I noticed that once again I was in the offices of C&P. Intuitively I started thinking about the issue under discussion and wondered why so many people were needed to make a decision.

I heard DN's voice saying "just let him take a look at this issue and it will be all resolved." I decided to head to the office to assess the problem. I felt a bit disgusted by the debate and wished to extricate myself from the situation.

While in the office I look and see a plug that is not put into the machine. I plug it in and things appear to start up normally. I notice the smell of cigarette smoke and see DN on the couch behind me -- blowing clouds of smoke straight up into the air.

I think to myself "how many lifetimes will I run into the same people, over and over?". This thought echoes through my head. I surface into this reality and contemplate the karmic nature of the universe.

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