Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trouble with Dreams

The trouble with Dreams is that we do not understand the human mind, the human heart nor do we comprehend the human condition. Without knowledge of the critical aspects that exist in our universe it becomes improbable that we will understand what or how we dream. In such an environment we can forget about controlling our dreams.

I continue to express the belief that dreams are way-points in our discovery of the universe. My contention is that some portion of our beings traverse the time-space continuum during the sleep process. The human brain seems to have a large capacity for storing volumes of information. I believe that we record everything that occurs to us during our lifetime.

I recently experienced a slew of dreams and my first thought was "cool, how lucky for me - I can get to write more stories". Then somehow the dreams slowed or in some cases became unmemorable. A few times my dreams turned into nightmares (these times were when the dream would be closest to my current reality).

Lately I have found a way to bring my dreams back into a "safe place" (meaning a place where I am comfortable to experience them). I have been learning lots of new topics. In my estimation this keeps the brain active and provides lots of raw material for far flung dreams.

Some things that I would recommend to others who might want to activate their dreams:
  • Research an article on any unknown topic (
  • Re-learn what you thought you knew about math - especially binomials and polynomials (
  • Learn about the movement of energy (chi) within our bodies
  • Consider learning a new language - French, Chinese or Spanish
  • Sit and contemplate the nature of the universe (introspectively)
  • Sleep

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